“Rhema" is the spoken word of God. "Woman" is who she is. "Center" is the heart in which God resides.


Rhema Women’s Center is a place where we seek to create a safe coaching environment for women to unmask, get restored in their faith, families, careers and God given purpose. Rhema Women's Center is a triage center for the broken hearted and contrite spirit. Here at Rhema we seek healing for the WHOLE WOMAN, spirit, mind and soul.

Who is she?

A Rhema Woman is a woman who understands the God-given authority she has to not only carry a life but to speak life.  She operates in peace, holds her head high. She is not ashamed of her past because she understands it was character building. She is a praying woman who serves, uplifts and encourages her family and other women. She doesn't scowl at a tough task she welcomes it, knowing that every crooked path is made straight for her to walk into destiny. A Rhema Woman is a woman of great faith and the daughter of a king.